What We Do

What We Do

Rafkin Lending

Rafkin Lending empowers real estate operators and developers in acquiring and/or improving compelling opportunities. Many of these opportunities include:

  • Purchasing properties in need of repositioning or refurbishment;
  • Recapitalizing properties to meet loan pay-downs, refinancing shortfalls, ownership buy-outs, or re-leasing expenses;
  • Funding ground-up development; or
  • Buying off-market properties quickly and quietly.

As a privately funded company, we are free to tailor each investment to fit the needs of the sponsor and his business plan. We will fund first lien loans, mezzanine loans, preferred equity, common equity, or some blend of each. We will commit $2MM to $20MM per deal with an investment timeline of one to five years. We will invest in, or lend on office buildings, warehouses, retail properties, apartments, and commercial land located throughout the US.

We are a portfolio investor, meaning we hold our investments on balance sheet through maturity; we do not resell or securitize our investments. We are experienced, seasoned, and proven, and we strive to be creative and responsive.